“AV actress also has” Introduction of manners and misdeeds





A 25-year-old man was arrested for fraudulent introduction of customs such as “there is an AV actress in Tokyo and Ikebukuro” and taking money off.

According to the Metropolitan Police Department, unemployed late Ryuki Nishi collided with his colleagues in late last month, a man who came from Ibaraki prefecture on the street near Ikebukuro station in Tokyo, “How about the customs?” “There is also an AV actress” It is doubtful that he cheated about 650,000 yen of cash with the nominal terms such as deposit. In front of the victim’s men, the man responsible for the shop and the owner who appeared the owner appeared one after another and said that he raised the amount.

According to the investigation, Mr. Nishi denies allegations that “I was asked to go to receive money” and so on.

Within Ikebukuro station, there are about 60 similar damages since 2016, and the total damage amount is 50 million yen, the Metropolitan Police Department is investigating the relation.